Chalese Gilmore

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What's important to me?

– Integrity
– Respect
– Service
– Excellence


The Toastmasters Promise is an integral part when describing integrity. Not only do I incorporate our Toastmasters promise into my journey, as a leader I also focus on our members’ goals and guide them along their journeys. I will always follow the policies and procedures that govern our organization.


I love that Toastmasters is a diverse organization! Every individual should be treated with kindness and respect. I have maintained an open-door policy during my leadership where Toastmasters are comfortable sharing ideas or issues. I am supportive and will always keep an open mind.


Service within Toastmasters is imperative in becoming a great leader. I have served on numerous committees in District 29. I also participate in events and training within other districts in Region 7. As a leader, I will not ask anyone to do a task that I am not willing to complete myself and thrive in collaborative environments.


Through my passion for Toastmasters, I want to be certain that every Toastmaster that I meet is given the opportunity to excel in what they are passionate about! The road to excellence is a journey and I look forward to traveling that road with you.